Morning Hatha Flow

Hanna Turner
Neue Hochstraße 24
13347 Berlin

09:30 - 10:30 Uhr
mit Hanna

This class is designed to help you wake up and take on your day with conscious breath and movement.

We ease in, warming up the body, then begin to link our movement with breath.

Classes finish with pranayama to awaken the senses for an amazing day.

All levels welcome.

7€ -10€

Pay what you can afford

USC Available


Hanna is a fairly lazy yogi, her favourite poses include child's pose and cat/cow. She uses yoga as meditation. Connecting her breath with her movement has allowed her to focus on how amazing the human body is, and how much it doesn't matter if it's not perfect.

You can expect her classes to be both chilled and challenging, connecting breath with movement, and with stillness.

The beats are vibing, the jokes are bad, the yoga is real, the body and breath are yours.

Namast'ay Real.






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  • Hanna teaches Real Yoga for real people. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Classes are taught in...