Power to Heart and Spine - Backbend Workshop

Yoga Home
Brunnenstr. 65
13355 Berlin

11:00 - 13:00 Uhr
mit Patricia

In this workshop we will practice backbends safely, painless and with awareness to the correct use of our different body parts and muscle groups. Regular backbending in this way can prevent and cure back pain and postural defects that are related to unbalanced muscles around the spine. While working with the flexibility in our spines we expand the chest, encourage deep inhalations and stimulate our whole nervous system.

We will share with you the special teaching methods for backbends we have been trained in the city of Mysore in India from our Yoga Teacher Ajay Kumar. His teachings are rooted in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga and we will build up strength and energy at the beginning of the workshop to practice the whole following sequence of exercises. Be prepared for a heart-opening, energizing and purifying Yoga practice (bring a towel with you).

The 2h workshop is for Beginners and advanced Yogis. We teach in English and ask you for an energy exchange of 39€ (reduced 34). To secure your space write an email to: patriciapientka@gmx.de

We are looking forward to each of you

Light and Love,

Angelo & Patricia


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